A Funder is an Individual or Organization with a paid account. As a Funder, the entity pays a regular amount into their balance that they can use to show commitment to fund projects.

Funders get access to lists showing funding needs (as determined by the project). They can easily enter how much they are willing to commit to funding projects that they find.

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Fund projects your organization depends on

Find and support features the project community wants funded. These are outlines of work that will be done on a project (implementing new features, release management, improving documentation, etc.)

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Hire from the community

Our notion of contributions provides an invaluable source for identifying capable and proven, or developing and promising talent to collaborate with or employ.


OpenPartners are Organizations or Individuals that manage to finalize a proposal, large or small and can get agreements with larger organizations for Fundable Features.

A proposal is one or more Fundable Feature with potentially additional narrative and justification and description of work (i.e. the proposal may replace 20 Fundable Feature).

A proposal will list some of the potential contributors who would work on it (there can be openings for needed people).

Individual OpenPartners must be initially affiliated with Organizations. Eventually, Individual OpenPartners may be independent Project Leaders / Contributors.

Organizational OpenPartners have a written partnership agreement with OpenTeams to:

  • Invoice Funders (including Funders not yet on the platform)
  • Fulfill on funded proposals

OpenPartners get the right to market sponsored issues and proposals to their clients (off-platform Funders) as well as fulfilling from the platform.

OpenPartners are the General Contractors or organizations that create proposals which may have “fragments” that require one or more projects to approve in order for the proposal to be “approved”. Proposals have an estimated dollar amount associated with them as produced by the proposer.

Individuals and Organizations can express their approval, indifference to, or disapproval of public proposals on the platform along with notes.

Finalize proposals

Manage the finalizing of proposals large or small organizations and get agreements with project leaders for fundable features.

Recruit Open Source contributors

OpenTeams help facilitates the recruiting of open source contributors for your projects at scale.