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We put the open source community first to keep projects healthy year after year – release after release.

How OpenTeams Works

Let’s break it down as simple as we can so you can know how to help make open source software thrive on our platform.

Connect To The Community Through Initiatives

Collaborate with the open source community to define the present goals and advance the future of your project. Initiatives are run by Partners and funded by Clients looking to contribute more resources to the people who maintain the open source projects they depend on every day.

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For People

Build your personal reputation and business as an open source project maintainer and contributor on our platform. Get started by creating your free profile, participate in projects and Initiatives, and collaborate with the larger open source community giving credit to all participants in projects you care about.

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Choose Your Current Role In Open Source

I’m a Project Leader

  • Work with and recognize your contributors
  • Build and manage your project with the community
  • Advance your project’s roadmap by participating in Initiatives

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I’m a Contributor

  • Claim your contributions and get your work recognized
  • Get paid to join new Initiatives that need your skills
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest activity around your project

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For Organizations

Build your free profile as a Client or Partner to fund and manage open source software projects to completion.

I’m a Client
A Client is an organization that uses and depends on open source software and requires services such as training, support, and fixes or further development from open source providers.

  • Fund and support important Initiatives for the software you rely on
  • Be a key participant
  • Get involved in the discussion and empower your project’s community

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I’m a Partner
A Partner is an organization that hires or contracts with open source contributors to improve their projects and/or to provide consulting, support, training and other services around open source software.

  • Get hired and paid for your services towards projects
  • Manage and communicate with Initiative participants
  • Meet and hire qualified contributors to move your project forward

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For Projects

Take advantage of one place to join new Initiatives, maintain your project, and communicate with the contributors and users of your project.

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Hear From Our Community

Photo of Travis Oliphant

Travis Oliphant

CEO & Founder at Quansight

“Through their Partner program we are able to offer our support, placement, customization, and consulting services in the marketplace. You really have nothing to lose and much to gain by growing your business with OpenTeams.”

Photo of Ilan Schnell

Ilan Schnell

Creator & of Anaconda

“OpenTeams has helped me to build an online portfolio of all the work I’ve done in open source. In just a few steps I was able to showcase my background, skills and experience. I love that I can even claim the contributions that I’ve made to different projects.”

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