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Speed adoption, mitigate risk, connect with experts, and save money by simplifying the way you manage your open source technologies with OpenTeams.
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Why Use OpenTeams?

Save money & time

Deploying, managing, and supporting open source technologies is costly and time-consuming when you do it in-house. Connect with our network of open source experts so that your team can spend less time fixing and more time innovating.

Mitigate risk

When using open source software, your organization is exposed to a variety of operational, security, and obsolescence risks. Trust an expert and gain peace of mind in knowing that they will effectively manage your open source technologies.


Open source experts work for a lot of different companies. This means that you’ll likely have to source, contract, and manage relationships with more than five vendors to meet your open source needs. Work through a single marketplace to meet all of your needs.

Work with experts to get the enterprise services you need. Gain the freedom and savings that come with using open source software.

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