OpenTeams helps you find customers for your open source services.

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“OpenTeams’ marketplace allows us to sell our support, placement, customization and consulting services to a global audience. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by growing your business with OpenTeams.”

– Travis Oliphant, Founder & CEO of Quansight


What Is OpenTeams?

OpenTeams is a marketplace that allows you to advertise your services to a global audience. The marketplace makes it easy for you to build a healthy, sustainable and profitable business by providing help with sales, marketing, administration, project management and HR to better service your clients. As an OpenTeams Partner, you’ll gain access to customers, eliminate vendor on-boarding time, and reduce the costs incurred servicing your clients.


How It Works

Sign up to join our Partner network 

Click the “Become a Client” button, fill out the form and an OpenTeams representative will reach out to you with more information about becoming a Partner.


Customers search our Partner network to find services they need

OpenTeams customers are looking for qualified Partners with expertise in a variety of open source projects to help them build their businesses and innovate using open source software.


Customers find you and choose to work with you

We provide customers with a list of vetted Partners that they can choose from to get the help they need.


We’ll introduce you

We’ll organize for a Statement of Work (SoW) to be created so that you can start working with the customer right away.