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Spend less now and save more every day with OpenTeams. We help protect your investment, reduce risk, and connect you with Vendors (our Partners) who work closely with the open source projects you depend on to provide your services.

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How OpenTeams Works For You

Invest In The Services You Need

Support & Training

To help better protect your investment, we connect you with companies and project leaders that can support your entire open source ecosystem.

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New Product Development & Maintenance

Fund enhancements on project roadmaps or help keep the projects healthy by funding the maintenance.

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Why Should You Invest In Open Source?

Make your voice heard

Participate in discussions around the future of your projects and provide the necessary funding to ensure its survival. By funding Initiatives, you will be able to upvote issues that will reflect back to the community, so they know what you consider to be important.

Mitigate risk

Fund open source projects to ensure that maintainers are keeping the roadmap and maintenance of the project healthy. Find out if a project is supported by one of our Partners to help ensure your project will not be left with an unexpected burden and technical debt.

Save money

Share the cost with multiple participants, rather than investing in open source alone. Connect with Partners who hire the experts who ensure the open source projects you depend on meet your company’s needs. If you use open source projects as part of your product or internal development, you can either spend millions of dollars working around issues yourself and maintaining that fork or spend a few thousand dollars with the right experts who can make sure open source communities accept the changes you need.

Hire from the community

Find talented contributors of all skill levels and backgrounds from the open-source community to work on your projects.


Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility

Become a leader in the open source industry and be recognized as a company that engages in CSR when it comes to open source.

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