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What Is OpenTeams?

Whether you’re a designer, product manager, or developer, get recognition for all your work on open source projects — not just code. We help you claim past contributions, find new projects you can help with, and find job opportunities working both on and with the open source projects you know and love. We want to help you thrive both professionally and financially.


How It Works

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Build a profile to highlight your background, skills, experience, and what kind of open source work you are interested in doing.


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Find projects that you’ve contributed to, claim your contribution and tell the world your skill level to build your online profile: are you a novice, proficient, or an expert for a particular skill?


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Always know what is going on for the projects you care about by checking your feed and notifications.


What’s In It For You?

Showcase what you’re good at

Claim your contributions to open source projects that you’ve worked on. Build your online portfolio to showcase your skills, skill levels, and the open source projects that you’ve used in the past.


Get hired

Build a credible online profile to create opportunities for future collaboration and employment. Showcase your background, skills, and experience to open source service providers and customers looking to fill their talent pipeline.

Stay up-to-date

Don’t miss a thing when using OpenTeams. You can easily see all the latest activity for the projects you’ve contributed to by checking out your feed and notifications.