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We create exclusive Initiatives to engage the talented developers and leadership that produced these successful innovations and connect them to industry needs to produce tomorrow’s solution.
Our Partners have had the privilege of participating in numerous open source communities and personally understand the need for people to get funds to work on open source projects. We also deeply understand the needs of companies that use these projects and can help focus your needs into community-actionable pull requests.


How OpenTeams Connects Communities and Companies

A big problem with open source today is that the communities rarely have the resources to complete all of the enhancements they plan for future versions of their software. Resources contributed by companies who use open source software can make the difference and help projects stay current with technology trends. ​

On the other side of the equation, companies who use open source software frequently identify enhancements to the software that would make it more useful to them. Often these companies are willing to fund the development of these enhancements. And sometimes companies that use open source would like to support communities even if they don’t need specific enhancements.

Our solution is to create the concept of Initiatives, which is a focused Statement of Work that funds community-led open source development. This creates a simple way for the connection between companies that would like to fund open source development and communities that can use additional resources. The Initiative defines the work objectives and the funds required. OpenTeams connects with Partners who hire and contract people in the community who can do the work and manages the process of funding that works to completion.

If you are a community leader that is interested in obtaining funding for your project or an industry leader who would like to fund open source development, connect with us to learn more about how OpenTeams can help you.

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