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Advance your project’s roadmap by proposing and getting funding for Initiatives. Grow a healthy community by providing a place for contributors to get recognized for their hard work.

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How It Works

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Build a profile to highlight your background, skills, experience and what kind of open source work you have done and are interested in doing.


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Showcase your project to the world and provide a place to acknowledge other contributors. Easily start by thanking contributors for specific work on your project.


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Make sure the project you lead grows in the direction you desire by proposing Initiatives. OpenTeams helps you market and find clients to fund the features or directions you seek.


What’s In It For You?

Raise funding

As a project leader, get financial support from the companies that rely on your project while ensuring the community remains in charge of its destiny. Sustain and grow your projects by connecting with companies to fund new development and maintenance.


Grow your community

Grow your community by attracting new and enthusiastic open source contributors to your project. Advance your product roadmap by finding contributors to design, test, code, and build your projects team.