The OpenTeams Volunteer Matchmaking Tools for OpenTechResponse

By David Charboneau

OpenTeams has developed matchmaking tools to support OpenTechResponse. These tools connect open source contributors with open source projects and organizations who are actively looking for volunteers to aid in COVID-19 response efforts.

When open source contributors on OpenTeams sign up to volunteer for COVID-19 response efforts, they are prompted to update their skills profile to help match them with the best fitting volunteer opportunities. Contributors who have completed volunteer signup have a badge on their profile highlighting their interest in volunteering. Later this week, OpenTeams will add instant matchmaking for contributors, enabling them to immediately see the projects and organizations with volunteer needs that best match their own profile.

Project and Organization leaders on OpenTeams can issue one or more calls for volunteers with the new volunteer-project matchmaking tool. These calls for volunteers include a skills profile desired for the volunteers. Defined calls for volunteers are listed on the project or organization profile on OpenTeams. Projects and organizations calling for volunteers also have a badge indicating that on their profile. What’s most valuable, though, is the matchmaking search that is added to the profile page for the project and organization leaders. This tool enables project leaders to immediately view contributors on OpenTeams who have signed up to volunteer and have skills profiles that best match their volunteer needs.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is obviously the most pressing emergency response need, OpenTechResponse and OpenTeams recognize that it isn’t the only emergency event. OpenTeams will continue to refine the matchmaking tools with feedback from the OpenTechResponse community. What’s more, OpenTeams and OpenTechResponse are working on a set of data and API standards to enable contributors, projects, and organizations to choose how and where they publish their participation in volunteer matchmaking events. The draft standards can be found on GitHub at

Are you a contributor looking for volunteer opportunities? Sign up on

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