Ideonate builds open source tools for Data Scientists, including Jupyter and JupyterHub customizations plus deployment platforms for visualizatio... more

Ideonate's open source software includes:


A suite of products allowing data scientists to deploy dashboards automatically, reliably, and securely.

ContainDS Dashboards is an on-premise or cloud-based publishing solution for Data Science teams to share results with decision-makers instantly. Extends JupyterHub to easily conform with IT requirements and avoid data scientists resorting to insecure ad-hoc deployment methods.

ContainDS Desktop uses virtualization technologies to share interactive visualizations as flat files where internet connectivity is unavailable or forbidden.

Ideonate also publishes a supporting set of Docker images on Docker Hub.

Jupyter Innotater

Annotate data including image bounding boxes inline within your Jupyter notebook in Python. Innotater’s flexible API allows easy selection of interactive controls to suit your datasets exactly.


Convert Jupyter notebooks to Excel Spreadsheets (xlsx), through a new ‘Download As’ option or via nbconvert on the command line.

Bespoke Work

Consulting and development services can be provided in a wide area of 'DevOps for Data Science'.

Please get in touch for an informal discussion about your projects.