Project Leaders

OpenTeams provides a comprehensive, nuanced, and human-driven perspective on contribution to open source projects by enabling project leaders to acknowledge all contributions, not just those contributions captured by commits to a source code repository. These acknowledgments are equity stakes in the reputation of the project. The OpenTeams approach to recognition is distinguished from other reputation, recognition, and karma systems by its explicit differentiation of kinds of contribution; that is, a contributor is recognized for a specific kind of contribution, such as graphic design or documentation editing, and a contributor may be recognized for more than one kind of contribution.

With one Managing Contributor, that person's decisions always rule. When there is more than one Managing Contributor, an Approval Request is created, discussed, and then as individuals provide their thumbs up or thumbs down on the request approval is achieved via implemented and selected mechanisms in the platform such as:

  • Unanimous consent;
  • Majority consent;
  • Exceeding a specific fraction;
  • Exceeding a specific number of approvals.

All approvals are final based on the selected process in place when the "vote" was taken.

Find funding opportunities

One of our main aims of OpenTeams is to channel more resources into community-driven projects, to keep them healthy and accelerate their development. And do so in a way that projects themselves stay in charge.

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Recognize all contributors

OpenTeams provides a platform for you to recognize your contributors for code written, talks given, issues closed, conversations facilitated, ideas provided, or anything else that makes the project successful.

Recognize contributors of your project by endorsing their contribution claims.

A contribution claim is a proposal about contributions made to a project which is initiated by a contributor that they can optionally put on their portfolio page.

This claim then goes through an approval process with managing contributors approving, commenting on, revising, and ultimately accepting or rejecting the claim.

OpenTeams gives you a nice profile page to showcase your achievement on Open source work.